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11 - How Are You?

The greatest fulfillment is to desire to know how a friend is at the moment, if everything is ok or if a friend needs helps!

12 - Keep In Touch

Never let someone you love to fade. Really, this is really important, friendships needs attention and careness, don't let them get away from your life.

13 - Pink Panther

The most famous panther is here ready to invade your friends scrapbooks, the pink panther always brings joy and fun to people all around the world!

14 - Simpsons

The known worldwide cartoon is here to make your scraps more fun! Send bart, homer, margie and lisa to your friends!

15 - Sorry

Sometimes we make mistakes, but don't worry, everyone does it. To recognize this, is a wonderful feeling, say how sorry you are to a friend you've let down. I'm sure things will be ok very soon, to apologise is a wonderful thing.

16 - Thank You

Thank people is a wonderful thing, it is always nice to show gratitude to others. Check out these thank you scraps we've made for you!

17 - Wedding

Every marriage should get some proper greetings. Pic some beautiful congratulations and send it to your dearest couple.

18 - New Year

Happy new year my dear, it is time to face our fears and plan some changes to the near future! Wish everyone a happy new year!

19 - Hindu

Hinduism has always been an environmentally sensitive philosophy. No religion, perhaps, lays as much emphasis on environmental ethics as Hinduism. Hinduism exhibits a complete independence and freedom of the human mind, its full confidence in its own powers. Ishwar eik hai! Spread now the words of Hindu and apna khayal rakhna!

20 - Sikh

A real Sikh will never let weapons take the precedence over his spiritual values and devotion. A real Sikh will always help the one in need and fight for him/her regardless of the person's caste, color or religion. Send sikh images to your friends, it is time to spread some love.

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